Sunday, January 29, 2012

New post! what? why? I dunno...but enjoy it while you can.

Readers, meet ingredients. Ingredients, meet readers. (handshakes and/or hugs all around)
Left to right in no particular order:
Mixing bowl, Pan Spray, egg, Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip cookie mix, Canola oil.

All Purchased at wally world. 'Cause i'm cheap.
(Everything...including the mixing bowl.) 

Next, remember to cut out the box top for education. give it to a local school.


Rainbow Sprinkles.
'Cause you just might need them...
depending on how fabulous you want your cookies to be.
(Disclaimer...purchased @ Dollar Tree, 'cause Wally World was out of stock.)

 After cutting the top off the  pouch,
(being careful to save the box top, so you donate it to a local school)
Pour the mix into a mixing bowl. (You know, so you  can mix the ingredients together. ) 
Don't worry...they're not shy. 
they will mingle fine.
This is also where you would add the
Rainbow Sprinkles, should you choose.
Your call on the amount...          

(Just how fabulous do you 
want your cookies to be?)

 ...Add the egg. I know...this ain't all its cracked up to be.

Add a half cup of oil. 
the package calls for a cube       
of butter or margarine, softened..
but to soften you need to either:
   1. leave the stuff out all day, or               
   2. melt it.
.....leaving it out all day..ick. 
.....melting it leaves it warm/hot 
which melts the chips as you mix.

...and you did remember to save those box tops to donate to your local school, right?         


 Add oil.

Commence stirring. Pay no attention to the pink hand. Really. It's not that pink in person, trust me on that. Blame it on the light.

All Stirr-ed. This is the "lick the fork prior to washing it" point. Just to confirm that the dough tastes right. All in the name of quality control, of course.

 Place the little darlings (or soon-to-be nutrition nuggets) on the pan by about...oh, say 3/4 - 1" blobs. (no pink hand requirement, BTW.)
They dont' need to be perfectly uniform in size...unless that's your thing, of course. Then feel free to make them perfect. Then make an appointment with a therapist. (P.S. the cookie sheet should be already sprayed with the butter flavoured non-stick shown in the first picture, of course. Had I been really prepared, I would have included the commercial half-sheet pans in the first picture as about that perfection thing...)

Place the little darlings (or nutrition nuggets) in the oven. - 375° for 6-8 minutes. (YMMV according to your oven) You did remember to preheat the oven, right? I should have mentioned that...along with the cookie pans in picture #1...

This is the 6 - 8 minute part, in case you hadn't guessed. And i figured there weren't enough pictures of the pink hand.

Don't they smell good? yep, they do. Cant ya just taste 'em? Feel free...but careful of the hot cookie sheet.

By the way...these are the "Fabulous"  ones. (In case it wasn't obvious. :) 

Thanks for reading. :) feel free to share and comment.


Blogger Todd Porter said...

I can't believe that you released your secret recipe. The good thing is that now I can have them without that expensive plane ticket to Cali. Although I would like to go visit Cali.

11:14 AM


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